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A world started in version 1.19.3. No world download is available at this time, but a live map is.

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Survival 2022 Archived

The longest lasting world started in version 1.7.2 and retired in version 1.19.3. Included many players.

Forge 2015 Archived

A world using the Biomes O' Plenty mod from version 1.8-1.9.4. No map is available due to compatibility issues.

Survival 2013 Archived

The second long lasting world started in version 1.2.3 and retired in version 1.6.4. Included many players.

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Creative 2012 Archived

An experimental creative mode world used for versions 1.8β-1.1. Only substantial build is by NightWolf1298 nytewuff.

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Survival 2012 Archived

An interim world used for versions 1.8β-1.1. Only builds are by KovuTheHusky KovuTheHusky, NightWolf1298 nytewuff, and Cujo27 Cujo27.

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Survival 2011 Archived

The first world created in version 1.2_02β and retired in version 1.7.3β. Players consisted mostly of family.

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